NetSuite REST Solution

Connecting to NetSuite through a well documented, standardized and reliable REST API allows faster development, less maintenance, and a solution pre-tuned for speed and reliability.

With pricing for all sizes, including a free-forever plan, you can start using Prestructured right away. No Credit Card Required.


Robust and Reliable API

Prestructured is already used to power Breadwinner’s connection between Salesforce and NetSuite.


Achieve more with a modern REST interface, compared to a cumbersome and inefficient WSDL interface.

Powered by Amazon AWS

Use Prestructured’s Multi-Tenant architecture on AWS, or host on your preferred AWS Region, Zone, or Account.

Modern Documentation

Work in your preferred language

Documentation is available for curl, jQuery, Ruby, Python, Node, PHP and Go. Connect to NetSuite from your preferred platform in your preferred language, without needing to use NetSuite’s WSDL specification.

Visit our documemntation at

Built in Security and Logging

Paid versions of Prestructured include retained logs, as well as 365 days of security audit files.

Effective Pricing

Free Forever

For lightweight usage or developer access, our Free Forever plan allows for all REST Calls, restricting only your monthly call volume. This is free for commercial use, and can connect to NetSuite Sandboxes and Production instances.

SMB and Enterprise Pricing

Our Enterprise pricing provides the features that Fortune 1000 businesses demand. By allowing hosting in any AWS datacenter, and optionally on your company’s AWS instance, we can provide unparalleled security and interopability. Or, for more standardized configurations, take advantage of our lower pricing and use Prestructured always-on multi-tentanted instance.