Integrations with NetSuite can be challenging for several reasons. One is that NetSuite does not use a standard REST architecture, and the other is that several companies have their own offerings to help people connect to NetSuite using REST. NetSuite does have a WSDL, though developers are often not familiar with a  WSDL.

We’ve listed a few of your options for connecting to NetSuite programmatically:


SuiteScript is server-side JavaScript that operates in a request/response model. It creates flexible business logic within NetSuite to fetch business records and user information.

Benefits of using SuiteScript:

  • It is an excellent tool to use custom code to customize your NetSuite Org according to your business requirements.
  • It performs better for writing requests (post, put, delete).
  • You can schedule scripts on the NetSuite Server, which are ideal for long-running tasks and batch jobs.

Let us consider a user case by creating a customer record in NetSuite through Restlet:

In NetSuite, Click on Customization > Scripting > Scripts > New

Click on ‘+’ and upload JS file

Provide the JavaScript function name

Now click on the ‘Deploy Script’ button and a URL will be generated, which is used as an endpoint to access the JS functions.

Create Customer

function createRecord(datain) {
    var record = nlapiCreateRecord(datain.recordtype); // e.g recordtype="customer"

    for (var fieldname in datain) {
        if (fieldname != 'recordtype' && fieldname != 'id') {
            var value = datain[fieldname];
            if (value && typeof value != 'object') // ignore other type of parameters
                record.setFieldValue(fieldname, value);
    var recordId = nlapiSubmitRecord(record);
    nlapiLogExecution('DEBUG', 'id=' + recordId);

    var nlobj = nlapiLoadRecord(datain.recordtype, recordId); // e.g recordtype="customer", internal_id=769
    return nlobj;
Request Body:{"recordtype":"customer","entityid":"John Doe","companyname":"ABCTools Inc","subsidiary":"1","email":""}


SuiteTalk can be used to build website-to-NetSuite integrations or create lightweight custom mobile applications. NetSuite WSDL is more helpful for developing lightweight custom mobile applications.

Benefits of using SuiteTalk:

  • Supports NetSuite’s core ERP, CRM, and e-commerce products.
  • SOAP web services support NetSuite integration using several programming languages.

Let us consider a user case of Customer Creation in NetSuite through SuiteTalk using SOAP UI:



SuiteScript and SuiteTalk can have its challenges in that one would need to create JavaScript files, develop some complex SOAP logic, and request NetSuite to provide the data. In this case, you can choose Prestructured’s REST API, which provides most of the data from NetSuite by passing authorized tokens while calling the endpoints. You can find complete information about our endpoints at


Prestructured provides a REST API service to connect with NetSuite. It has well-structured documentation, which allows for faster development and less maintenance.

They offer token-based authentication, providing an extra layer of security while using the APIs.

Prestructured offers pricing for all company sizes, including a free-forever plan. 

Benefits of using Prestructured API:

  • They have built-in custom robust APIs with faster response results.
  • They have built-in security and logging.
  • Their pricing structure is cost-effective for all types of businesses, including a free-forever plan.
  • They also provide a user-friendly interface to know the API usage. You can check and verify all of your API calls.

Want to know more about Prestructured? Visit their website at

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi is a unified cloud-based integration platform. They allow integration between various applications and NetSuite using Boomi Connector.

The pricing of Dell Boomi depends on Editions and includes a free trial. They offer various features based on the plan you choose.

Want to know more about Dell Boomi? Visit their website at

Cloud Elements

Cloud Elements provide pre-built API integration through elements that offer a robust and consistent developer experience while simplifying the integration process. It provides integration with NetSuite through REST API.

The pricing of Cloud Elements depends on plans and includes a free trial. They offer various features based on the plan you choose.

Want to know more about Cloud Elements? Visit their website at